Zen discovery- how I came to Black Cat Cabin
September 26, 2011, 10:32 am
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I remember heading east towards Richmond after doing something down this way one day after S was accepted at a private school in the area.  Both private and public schools in Richmond had failed her and the strong academics without pressure that she needed was found at a school in Charlottesville.  I knew we would be moving to the area as commuting the 60 or so miles each day would be out of the question.  The teachings from Last Child In the Woods – a book about the effects of nature deprivation on children had lead me to believe that S also needed to be in a place with more exposure to nature.  It also made sense to me to make a complete change in the location of where we lived.  I had been hankering for a more bucolic homestead for several years having lived in urban or suburban settings my entire life. It just seemed right somehow to make a drastic change. Why move out to some of the most beautiful countryside on earth only to live within the confines of a typical neighborhood?

So the search began for a cottage on a farm to rent for at least the first year here allowing space for us to learn the area and decide where a more permanent residence should be.

Loving the rolling hills of the stately horse farms of Keswick, on a whim I decided to take the exit just east of Charlottesville and drive around to see if any “cottage for rent” signs hung enticingly on fence posts of one of these majestic estates.  Almost immediately I saw the place of my dreams, a quirky, multi-level log house nestled in a hillside surrounded by rolling green hills like an ark floating in an ocean of bright green. I thought to myself, “That is just the kind of place I am looking for!  I wish that was for rent.”  But as I drove past the almost hidden driveway, no indication of availability invited me to inquire about the cabin.  I was slightly disappointed and drove on up the road, eyes darting from one side of the road to the other in search of my future residence.



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