Some things to know
September 29, 2011, 10:24 pm
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Things to know about me living in this space.  My Honey dumped me on the tenth day after moving here.  An earthquake happened that afternoon followed a few days later by a hurricane and loads of rain since then.  The weather was always bad when we were not seeing each other and it has, for the most part sucked, since then. So there will be no romantic snuggling in front of the fireplace with him coming up in my blogs- sorry if you were looking forward reading about that.  At this point,  38 days later, I feel much more myself- a generally happy person and much less obsessive over the situation.  We (now referred to as My Former Honey) have been in-touch via email and telephone and things are more settled- meaning we are on a path to being friends rather than lovers at this time. I think less about it/him.  Cry less over it/him and generally feel that recovery is taking over.  I am sure I will be dating soon but that is another project.


My daughter was away at camp during the entire process of searching for, deciding on and moving into Black Cat Cabin.  I moved in the day before she was to return home from a month long stay at overnight camp.  It was quite jarring for her to come “home” to a strange place, particularly as different from our former home on the city, stay three days, go to Mexico on vacation with her father then start school the next day.  Her adjustment has been a little challenging but she also seems to be settling a bit better.


In my next blog I plan to attempt to describe the cabin beginning with the exterior and moving inward to each room.  It is so unusual and my architectural vocabulary so limited  it should prove a good challenge for both me and you the reader.


Today there is a thick mist or fog around the cabin.  It is nearly 8:00 am and I can barely see the horse barn which is about 30 yards away from my bedroom window.


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