Coming to the farm
October 1, 2011, 8:23 pm
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Until last week it was fairly difficult to even find the farm to get to Black Cat Cabin. There is no house number in apparent view from the road and the farm sign had fallen down before I ever saw the place. There is a painted street number on one of the mailboxes but it faces south and is virtually hidden from view by a newer unmarked mailbox.  Specific instructions had to be given to each person who would be visiting describing  how far from the interstate exit they should look for the fence that marks the perimeters of the farm, then roughly how far to the driveway, a warning to slow at the bend to the right and turn on the car’s right turn blinker because the turn at the less than impressive whitewashed brick columns into the grey gravel driveway is sharp and country drivers tend to speed.  Once on the driveway, rubber wheels make that delightful rolling crunch as they church over the small rocks between the white rail fences through a wooded area.  As the woods clear to a horse pasture on the left, a sign set amongst bushes and perennial flowering plants warns the visitor to slow down for wandering animals (meaning Jack the burrow, Barbie the young rotwieler, or Max the cat).  Passing the sign, one might see a pair of pretty grazing thoroughbreds on the right and a special fenced riding ring dotted with jumps on the right.  At this point a fork appears in the drive, the pathway seemingly split by a very large cone shaped holly tree.


Onward tomorrow…


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