After the fork
October 3, 2011, 10:32 am
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Yesterday I left off at the fork in the driveway.  Go to the right and you will go to the front of the main house, a big whitewashed brick Georgian, I think. Go to the left to bypass the main house pass a small open stall horse barn on the left and three other large cone shaped hollies on the right.  The main house is visible on the right as well with its English basement, wide grey painted wooden staircase guiding visitors to the second level and shuttered front door.  The drive then swings to the right around the big house.  There is a cow barn down a slight hill from the bend in the drive, a cute little structure built off the back of the horse barn, the wooden door hung with a charming twig wreath.  As the drive straightens the white stucco horse barn stretches across the left side buffered by a small paddock.  As the driveway widens for parking the two trucks and two SUV’s that stay on the farm, there is a wooden shed on the east side of the house with a little brick walk that leads to the kitchen door.  A garage/ large shed (used for storage) and a kennel are placed next to the horse barn and wall the east side of the lot.  Directly in front and halfway down a hill sits the cabin, grey and partially covered with a red tin roof and partially with a shingled roof.

To the right of the lot is a short wooden rail that sits about four inches above the ground and serves as a little marker for the renters to part.  On the opposite side of the lot to the west, is a perpetually burning rubbish pile which sometimes causes smoke to drift into my car and create very interesting wood smoke scents.


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