Getting there
October 4, 2011, 10:05 am
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At the end of the drive, parked at the rail, looking at the cabin, three things are almost sure to happen.  First, Apple, M’s rottweiler, will come out from the sheltered part of the kennel (which is directly on the left on the parked car) to the chain link fenced open area from the third and furthest dog area and begin barking madly as though you were about to rob the house.  Even after six weeks of living here, Apple still runs out to bark at me.  Barbie, the year old rottweiler, may or may not be in her kennel in the middle of the three spaces and come out to bark as well or just to see what is going on depending on her mood.  Are they greeting me or announcing my arrival?

The second thing that is almost sure to happen is that Max, the fuzzy grey cat will saunter out from the direction of the main house to be petted.  Max has mid length fur- very odd for a cat – it is neither long like a Persian nor short like a regular cat just somewhere in between.  Max is tricky though because he will roll over on his back to be rubbed on the belly then grab your hand with his front paws in preparation to scratch you.

The third thing is that there will be smoke from the rubbish pile wafting in your direction.  The smoking pile, usually left unattended, concerns me because: a. it IS usually unattended and fires are supposed to be monitored carefully, b. because it is mostly weeds and clippings from the yard and I am fearful that one day there will be poison ivy or sumac in it which will cause serious issues if you get in the way of its toxic smoke.



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