From driveway to the front door
October 5, 2011, 10:17 am
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Post greeting from Max, Apple and usually some sort of fear inducing woodsmoke, you are faced with the task of actually getting to the front door.  Depending on the weather this can be a pleasant experience – or not. One must traverse an obstacle course of small sorts, the finish line being inside the front door.  You must first get down the grass covered hill to the wood gate.  This sounds simple enough but there is no walkway and the grass may be as high as mid calf or if it has been raining for a while quite slick and muddy.  It often requires special gear such as rubber boots or flip flops meaning that “good” shoes must be carried for wear in the outside world and schlepped back into the house upon return to the “fantasy world” of cabin life.

Once to the gate one must determine the best way to open it.  Are your hands full with gym bag, brief case, extra shoes, groceries, a recycling container?  How can these items be moved about on the body or placed on the ground and kept clean and /or dry?  Is the log gate swollen with water from rain and stuck in place requiring a bit of force to open or is it dried out and brittle calling for a gentle approach to prevent breakage?  B wants the gate to remain closed at all times to keep Jack out of the cabin’s yard or Spanky (the big grey horse) when he is sometimes left out for an hour or two.  When the yard people come to cut the grass, a set of rails is taken down from the section of fence to the right of the gate making the second phase of the obstacle course easy.


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