To the right before the gate
October 10, 2011, 10:41 am
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To the right before the gate stands a large magnolia tree.  I love magnolias – southern magnolias that is. And this is a tall one with a split trunk encircled by ivy at the base.  I remember seeing my first “Yankee”magnolia in Boston when I went up from Virginia to college my freshman year.  It was really a large bush rather than a tree featuring medium sized leaves and baseball like white blossoms- so different from its grand dame southern cousins with their large  footlong waxy leaves, massive height and girth, long outstretched branches graciously offering sweet smelling snow- white blossoms the size of serving bowls. I love to bury my face in those fragrant blossom bowls and smell the humid  honey scent.

This tree either rarely sheds or B is fastidious about clearing the leaves because magnolias are known to be messy but there are never any leaves under this one.  From the driveway view, this magnolia blocks the section between the front porch and the storage room of Black Cat Cabin.  But it stands guard firmly on the outside of the yard’s fence.


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