October 12, 2011, 10:48 am
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I remember the first time I saw this cabin.  I saw it from the road and thought that it was big, rustic and charming and knew instantly that I wanted to live in it. That was the back view of the cabin, the part you can see from the road where the cool sun room that juts off the back side of the house and sits on stilts over the kitchen (which is the bottom most level and situated half way into the hill, a back door and windows under open to the under side of the sun room).

From the front the house looks mostly grey and has weathered wood siding.  It is not really designed so it looks like someone had the idea of building this house one room at a time sort of placing those rooms wherever the mood struck.  The tiny front porch and door are sort of stuck at the one-quarter mark from the left side or east side.  The house faces north into a hill so that the kitchen is not visible from the front of the house and what is billed as a possible third bedroom which is really too small to fit a bed (I use it for storage)  and is stuck onto the third quarter of the house, looks a bit shorter than it might actually be.  So it goes like this from the front view- If you were gazing at the  house from the front gate:

1st quarter from the left: Great room, one standard window in middle of front wall, grey wood siding, red tin roof.

2nd quarter going right: five steps up to small porch covered with red tin roof, grey painted front door with screen door in front, old brass door knob on the right, mail slot at center, 4 x 3 double window covered with storm window to the right of front door.

3rd quarter: Also grey wood sided (this wood is not painted by the way just natural) there are actually two stories here, below is the pass-through and laundry room, on top is a bedroom.  A window is at the center of the top level which is covered by a wood shingle and slate shingled roof. The storage room is stuck onto the front of this part of the house and is covered wit a red tin roof which makes a wonderful sound when it rains.

4th quarter: Unsided log and mortar this is the other bedroom.  There is a tiny 14 x 14 inch window to the left of a rustic wooden door that has large flat rocks stacked up to it from the ground to make stairs.  It is covered with a red tin roof.

There are slate chimneys on the east and west sides of the house and one between the great room and the stacked rooms.

It is a kooky looking place but enchants everyone who comes here.


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