Entering the Cabin
October 13, 2011, 10:22 am
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The fun thing about Black Cat Cabin is the textures and contrasts of its building materials.  It is a crazy mix of rough and smooth woods, stone, fake stucco, brick, and log and mortar  walls.  Each door is different ranging from colonial type latch doors to early 20th century four panel doors, there is even an old jail door and a thin set of glass paned french doors.  There are fake log beams that go across the great room ceiling and real ones that serve some mysterious purpose in the two bedrooms. Fireplaces grace four rooms. Three that work. Two made of stone, each a different type. An antique cast iron pot bellied wood stove in the great room for heat and decor.  High ceilings centered with brass chandeliers make the bedrooms completely impractical in terms of heating or changing outed light bulbs.

Two and a half bathrooms featuring marble sinks with antique brass faucets sound rather luxurious but they are small.  The plastic shower stalls are tight and uncomfortable even for me, a fairly small person standing 5’4″ and weighing in at 118 lbs.. The windows are small single frame squares that swing open to the inside to the room so that cannot use the sink in one of the bathrooms while the window is open. The shower stall door in that bathroom cannot open all the way because it hits the toilet- one reason the smaller of the tow of us in residence here uses that one.

The ceiling is so low in the pass through room, a central room made useless for furniture by the addition of a laundry room in a key spot, that anyone over 5′ 8″ must duck when walking through.  It is a goofy place to live with its own challenges but I am falling in love with it – particularly in the nice weather.


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