Rolling Hills
October 17, 2011, 9:23 am
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One lovely thing about Black Cat Cabin is how it is situated on the farm.  If one is standing in the front door, it is possible to see the Big House to the left about half a football field away up a hill and to the left, then a goofy little shed to the right of the house, the driveway and the back of the kennel where poor Apple stays all the time and is a part time home for Barbie.  But from the back view, only trees, white fence and mostly hills are visible, the occasional car driving down the road adds a moving visual.

The cabin sits on a hillside with the front facing into the hill and the back uncovered by way of the slope coming down.  It is surrounded on three sides by the gorgeous rolling hills with spaces outlined in wide wooden fence.  Along part of Black Cat Road there is a border of trees for parts of the way.  There is also a clump of woods to the south east that for a while had some bright orange/yellow flowers that bordered and brightened.  Mostly there is uninterrupted sky and some good privacy.

It is novel for me, coming from the city, to see so much uninterrupted sky.  It fascinates me to be able to watch how the weather moves meaning I can observe the movements to thunderstorms and clouds.  One can see the Milky Way at night, a treat for an urbanite.  When the moon is full there are distinct shadows from the trees in the front yard and house.

I am much more in touch with nature here and it helps to ground me.


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