The Wind
October 20, 2011, 2:31 pm
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Right now the wind is blowing through Black Cat Cabin. The sunroom where my office is, is relatively warm because it sits off the back side of the house (the south side) and has windows on three sides (east, south and west) so that it is exposed to the sun all day long.  Even though  I can feel the wind blowing through the ill fitted, un-protected window panes, the sun beaming in from the south set of windows is keeping the room at a tolerable temperature.  Having the glass french doors that separate the sunroom from  the great room closed helps too.

Right now I am grateful for the brick floor in this room that sucks up sun heat like a pizza oven and aids in warming up the room as I type away listening to the wind whip under the room, between the beams that hold it up from the back of the house.

Right now I am chewing a pinch of homemade trail mix and silently scolding myself for failing to keep a continuing stream of typing going in an attempt to teach myself better writing skills by “getting it all down before editing”.  I taste the salty cashews mixed with chocolate chips and dried cranberries, a texture and flavor carnival in my mouth, knowing that the chocolate will make me feel sick later and probably cause me to be a bit hyper which is never good.

Right now I think that it is too difficult to be disciplined all the time – particularly when stressed and worried about the wind combined with colder days ahead.


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