October 21, 2011, 10:54 am
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I am away from Black Cat Cabin this morning.  Staying in a familiar house in Olde Towne, Alexandria, the cabin seems far away and rather surreal.  This city house is familiar to me.  A big part of my past.  Once I considered it old and a bit scary but now it is renovated, perfectly modernized and tightened up.  Once it had mice and a raccoon scurrying through the walls.  Now it is tight as a drum and free of all living things except the dog and people who are supposed to inhabit it.  This house feels a little dead to me, a bit sterile, after spending two months in the cabin which shelters many sorts of animals.

Being in the city is wonderful.  It is so full of a buzzing sort of energy.  But in contrast, it makes me appreciate the serenity of the the cabin and the open fields surrounding it.  The energy at the cabin is still and grounding.  My energy can truly settle.  There are few distractions and most of them are natural like the sound of the wind slipping through the cracks in the windows yesterday, a dog barking, a goose honking from its foraging foray in the back field, the pounding of a horses galloping hoof-steps or catching a glimpse of a deer effortlessly leaping over a fence.



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