A Pink Mist
October 23, 2011, 11:27 am
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Dawn is coming later now.  At 6:48am when I first peeked out my bedroom window it was still dark outside. A trip to the sunroom revealed a sliver of orange light outlining black treetops that divide the near east field and the pond.  Now, nearly a half hour later, a rosy pink mist is rolling over the trees, spilling into the all the fields.  It is quite feminine in color and soft glow.  It reminds me of the effect of a pink scarf  that Blanche DuBois tossed over the lampshade to bring a more flattering hugh to aging face.

This is a high mist hovering in the treetops leaving the ground bright green.  It is very different from the ground mist that sometimes sneaks over the land, slithering in silently like a snake and covering the grass in thick grey.

The pink fades to white as the sun rises a bit higher in the sky. The bright colors of autumn leaves are softened as the mist mingles with them.

Mornings are the most magical time of the day.


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