Stink Bugs
October 25, 2011, 10:37 am
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A description of life in Black Cat Cabin would be incomplete without further examining the Stink Bug.

Apparently, Stink Bugs, as they are commonly known in this part of the world, came from Asia and are a pest.  While they are relatively harmless indoors they are reasonably unattractive and make an annoying buzzing sound when they fly.  They enter homes through cracks (as previously mentioned there are many in the cabin) and are attracted to light so they tend to congregate in the sunroom and my bedroom which has a 2 ft square window in the upper ceiling that faces west.

I have become accustomed to their buzzing about the sunroom when I am working but their noise disturbs me at night while I am reading in bed.  Generally, they stop flying around as soon as I turn the lights out but I still find the noise bothersome.

They are called “stink bugs” because if you squish one they emit a mildly unpleasant odor.

The one joy I find in these little brownish-grey housemates is flicking them.  They are rather docile and slow so, unlike a fly which avoids human touch rather expertly, you can approach a Stink Bug.  They just sit there while you arrange your thumb and finger in the traditional flicking position right next to their body and ping, they hurdle through the air making a wonderful small, solid noise when they hit whatever piece of furniture or wall inhibits their involuntary flight.

Please know that I refrain from actively pursuing the sport of flicking Stink Bugs. I do NOT go around my house in search of the shield shaped buggers to flick them about. I only flick the ones that are in my way for whatever reason (on my computer keys, climbing up the lamp stem on my desk or lounging on the book I plan to read for example) but it is the sort of simple FUN one relishes in the country.

These little buggers live with us in Back Cat Cabin


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My children love how stink bugs flip from back to front. They do a really weird move with their legs that would make a breakdancer envious. After discovering this, they tormented stinkbugs for weeks!

Comment by puppettree

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