Other Bugs
October 26, 2011, 10:14 am
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Yesterday Stink Bugs ruled my thoughts.  Today, the Lady Bug is on my mind.

I like Lady Bugs.  They are cool looking with that half-oval sphere design and itty bitty black stockinged legs.  Like a tiny, highly polished Volkswagon Beetle with a teeny black head, their black spots adding character to their paint job.  I love to watch them move, somehow quite smoothly on whatever surface they are traversing. They, like their armor coated cousins, the Stink Bug crawl in through the cracks of Black Cat Cabin but they are much more polite, quiet like little librarians dotting my lampshade or walls.

I find them engaging and amusing.  I am happy with streams of them flowing in from the cracks in the window pane like a polka-dotted parade announcing late autumn.

It must be fairly cold outside this morning because there is a lack of bug activity in my room.  I left the heat on at about 60 in the pass through room which is directly below my bedroom to keep my room at a reasonably comfortable temperature – chilly but better than really cold. The heat rises through the floor keeping both areas warmish which is an advantage in the morning. Until the wood stove in the great room is fired up or there is wood for the fireplaces in our bedrooms (B has some idea that wood or heat is not needed until the first of November but the good news is that he provides it) the electric base board heat will have to be on in some rooms at night.


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