Autumn Colors
October 28, 2011, 10:18 am
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Autumn colors are vibrant here on the farm.  Spanky, the beautiful white gelding and Poppy, a dark mare have been turned out to the back field.  They make lovely additions to the green.  Spanky was so happy to be let loose in the big field yesterday that he galloped around with joy when B finally opened the gate to his freedom.  It is such a pleasure to see such a beautiful horse run, his movements flowing like water in a stream.

The trees that line the field to the east, a little forest actually, are wearing their brightest colors of the season as though they are having one final dress up event before retiring to sleep for the winter.  They are quite flashy in their reds, oranges, yellows, and burgundies offset by the dark evergreens it is quite spectacular.

I long to ride the horses- any horses.  It seems so stupid to be in one of the most horse populated parts of the country and fail to have a way to ride.  I must work on that.  Riding is an activity that makes my heart sing and in the face of all this fear and doubt and work of trying to make a career, be a conscious person and a good parent I need some bliss for balance.

B had the tin parts of the roof painted last week and it looks stunning.  Sprooses the place up.  Perhaps Black Cat Cabin is a metaphor for me.  Getting better and better every day in every way.


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