The First Freeze
October 31, 2011, 11:00 am
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Last night was the first night my daughter and I spent in Black Cat Cabin where the temperature dropped to or very close to freezing.  According to my iPhone it is 33 degrees in Charlottesville so it must be a bit cooler out here.  At any rate, we had been gone all weekend and left the heat completely off so it was quite chilly upon our return last evening and it the house never quite warmed up to the point of real comfort before bedtime.

In light of  the lack of a wood stove tutoring session from B, I used only the electric baseboard heat to warm the place up.  But I am so paranoid about the cost of such heating, that I turned the heat way down in most of the rooms including my bedroom.  It was cold enough in my room to keep me relatively awake for a good part of the night despite the snuggly warmth of my flannel pajamas under my down comforter and velvet duvet.

I awoke around 4am and turned up the baseboard in my room but it is still quite chilly.  I dread going down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for fear of the cold.

A chat with B about the wood stove and firewood for the fireplaces is in order today.

Thankfully the  daily high temperature should reach 60.



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I would suggest adding another layer to your bed: Either a wool of fleece blanket. Trust me, that should do the trick. Also, do you have rugs on your floors to help insulate things a bit?

Comment by Jen

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