Sunshine brain
November 1, 2011, 5:41 pm
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Right now I am thinking about how toasty warm it is in the sunroom.  How it is heated passively by solar energy and that one day I will build a house that harnesses the sun this way.  It is the best warmth because it is the warmth of all life.  It is the warmth that all our bodies and brains have come to love genetically and biologically over millennia.  I bask in the sunshine and try to work, my brain all fuzzy from too much socializing and the red win consumption that comes with that.

It is tough to be a freelancer on days like this, all sun shiny and pleasant temperatured.  I keep thinking that I need to get outside because soon it will be too cold.  I must soak up every ounce of outside-ness possible and store vitamin D as though I were a solar battery or something in order to have the best possible chance of surviving the winter.

I will take a walk in a few minutes as I need the exercise and quite possibly the lack of it has caused my dearth of concentration.  I will work on the story tomorrow when my head is clearer and I can think of a more intelligent opening than the one currently occupying the first lines of the first paragraph.

But of course, it should be warm tomorrow too…..and sunny…and awww paying bills is highly over rated anyway, right?


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