November 7, 2011, 12:04 pm
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This morning the back field is dusted with frost.  Surprisingly it is only the second frost so far at Black Cat Cabin- at least that I have witnessed.  There is also a grayish mist floating about but nothing too serious.  The sunrise is also a steely wintery grey.  I missed the golden hughes I guess because the clocks have been turned back in order to have more sunlight in the morning.

This abrupt change irritates me twice per year.  I see no sense in changing clocks.  Why not just change the time you do stuff?  Animals and farmers simply follow the patterns of the sun.  They stir when the sun comes up and end their work when it sets (except for nocturnal animals, of course, though I think Jack the resident burrow eats both all night and all day).

People should be more in tune with natural patterns.

I prefer light in the morning because I have evolved into a morning person but the reality is that mornings will just get dark as the Northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun anyway.  Changing the time just prolongs the agony and then screws it up for us morning people in the spring when we finally do get light in the morning then change the clocks again taking us back to A.M darkness.

Oh the follies of modern civilization; changing clocks like we can control time!


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When we changed our clocks yesterday, we were leaving Daylight Savings Time and coming back to Real Time, so every fall I’m grateful when we do. I dislike DST and every spring rant and rave and about the folly of it all.

Comment by Jen on the Edge

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