A Vortex of Forward Thinking
November 22, 2011, 2:17 pm
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I think I “get” Charlottesville now.  It is a place of forward thinking as seen through the people who live here, the policies of the city and the feeling of sophistication without pretense. As another non-native phrased it to me shortly after my arrival here, “It’s like Connecticut in the heart of Alabama.”

Upon reflecting on the origins of this hotbed of relaxed intellect, I thought of Thomas Jefferson.  He was a man of bold forward thinking for his time, flawed, yes (as are we all), but a brilliant inventor, writer and lover of beauty. He was a creative thinking man who set the tone for this community by starting a fabulous University (you read it here first, I actually said UVA is fabulous- a long standing president for my disdain of the place now broken.  I have come to terms with UVA and it’s preppy-ness and come to admire its higher principles of offering a well rounded education whether or not its students take advantage of that.  Of course VCU remains the superior ART SCHOOL).

The debate begins with the question: Did Jefferson start the trend or was he simply attracted to the area because of the fabled vortex of knowledge and healing that already existed here?

As I meditate, experiencing connection to the solid ancient hills nearby I think the latter is true.


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