Spanky in the sunlight
November 22, 2011, 12:29 am
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There was a chance for snow Friday night here at Black Cat Cabin but the morning revealed only a thick frost on the flattened grasses in the back field giving the illusion of snow in the early morning light.  From my bedroom window I watched warm sunbeams light up the field during a morning meditation practice.  The house is so completely still in the early morning, perfect for emptying the mind.


Spanky, the big white gelding, was standing in the field, his body perpendicular to the line of trees at the east side of the field, his head facing away from the house.  As the orange and yellow hughes of dawn crept over the now naked treetops, his side body was washed in light.  He must have also been meditating because he stood perfectly still, nary a twitch of his tail, just soaking in the sun, teaching me to just BE.


The white of Spanky’s body against the glimmering white frost accented by clear morning sunlight and crystal blue sky made a stunning mid-autumn visual that made me grateful to be here in this place.


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