The Wood Stove
December 2, 2011, 11:38 am
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Many people in the Charlottesville area use wood stoves as a source for heating in the colder months.  It is a normal occurrence.  I am unsure as to why they are so especially popular here but in Black Cat Cabin where the primary heating source is electric baseboard heat, perhaps the most expensive and outside of a heat pump probably the least efficient way to heat a home, the wood stove is a welcome addition to the house.  Well, it would be if it were one of those modern versions of  wood stove that has some sort of fan system that blows the warm air into the room rather than sending the majority of it up the chimney or even if it were a bit bigger – but it isn’t.

The wood stove in Black Cat Cabin is of a small antique cast-iron variety, barely big enough to get a decent sized short cut log inside.  It requires constant attention and may have been designed more to radiate heat from the heated iron than send out warmth from the actual fire.  The result is that one may start a fire in it to take the edge off the chill in the great room and go into another room to do something like add a few layers of clothing or start dinner and the fire will have gone out by the time one returns.  The high ceilings that lack ceiling fans in the great room also contributes to the ineffectiveness of the little pot bellied iron maiden to produce much heat.

The best part about the wood stove though is the ease of fire-making.  You just sort of throw some paper, little sticks and bigger sticks in there and light the paper up with a match.  So much easier than “building” a fire in a fireplace. Then just drop wood on top of that until you are ready to leave its side.  No worries about leaving a fire burning in it because it will burn out within 20 minutes anyway.




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