Winter icks
December 12, 2011, 2:34 pm
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It has officially started.  Whatever Darwinian trail of evolution that has been traversed to begat me and my biological habits has kicked in and I just want to sleep until spring. This happens every year. My mind shuts down.  I feel eternally tired.  It is difficult to function.  I put my pajamas on at 4:30pm yesterday and went to bed getting up only to wash my face, brush my teeth and watch holiday cupcake wars with my daughter.

The temperatures dipped into the lower ’20’s last night and the kitchen felt like the inside of an ice chest this morning.  My daughter even put on her winter coat to eat breakfast although the base board heat was turned all the way up all night, the space heater was on full and the oven was on with the door open to add extra warmth.

Being cold simply drains me to the point of dysfunction.

To cheer things up in Black Cat Cabin, we went yesterday to a friend’s farm and cut a cute pine to make a Christmas tree. Despite the abundance of cedars on “our” farm, my friend offered the use of a saw so we went there.  A couple of friends helped my daughter to decorate it while I prepared a dish for a potluck in the kitchen.  They mistakenly used the box of ornaments that belong to my ex-husband so the tree is now a constant reminder of him which merely adds to my grumpiness.

To make matters worse, my daughter asked if there would be presents for her under the tree when she returns from her scuba diving trip with her Dad to Mexico.  Not this year, honey. Your mother is on an ego trip of financial disaster thinking she can make a living on her own being a writer.

At least we have a home and for now can pay for heat and food for which I am very grateful.  I still feel in my heart (as I always do) that things will get better in the near future.

The universe is functioning perfectly.




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