Spring for Winter
January 31, 2012, 1:55 am
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The weather has been so unseasonably warm that all kinds of critters who would normally be sleeping away the winter have come out looking for a nosh.  A few nights ago a rabbit hopped down my neighbor’s drive as I left for home following a get together.  But most alarming here at Black Cat Cabin was the very large skunk that spent the day last Thursday snacking on someone’s leftover Wendy’s meal tossed thoughtlessly in a d
itch on the side of the road next to the farm.  I have never seen such a big skunk, about the size of a standard bed pillow,but it was there and it was living.  I saw it move. I was surprised to see it out in the daylight as I believe skunks are nocturnal (can anyone confirm that?).

It was there all day eating away but by evening it and the garbage were gone.  It’s fate unknown to me though there is a distinct odor of skunk spray at the top of the driveway now.



Baby its cold outside
January 5, 2012, 4:23 pm
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Yesterday the water pipes in my bathroom were frozen it was so cold in the night.  The kitchen water was running because upon B’s recommendation I opened the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink and had a space heater blowing warm air on them all night long.  And I must say, I was a bit put out having to leave a space heater running all night at my expense.  It seems that if the pipes were properly insulated or there was sufficient heat in the house that running a space heater on the pipes when the electric baseboard heat is turned all the way up in the kitchen and obviously not functional enough to keep the pipes from freezing would be unnecessary.

The pipes to the main bathroom must run along an exterior wall and froze independently.  The toilet would not flush and the cold water was completely stopped but the hot water was running.  Good thing I wasn’t planning on showering.

I spent a chunk of the day holed up in the great room huddled in front of the wood stove decked in warm clothes lined in long underwear trying to keep the fire going.

Both Sam and I took showers in the evening in preparation for the event that the water might be dysfunctioning again this morning since the overnight low was predicted to be less than freezing.

Much warmer today.  The sunroom is quite cozy.