Manhattan Snow
February 11, 2012, 1:43 pm
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I am taking a little break from Black Cat Cabin and have ventured up to NYC for a couple of days to get some much needed counter country urban vibe and lead some yoga for some private clients.  Being in “The City” feels very strange  after living in the cabin.

I am reminded how hot New York apartments are as I sit typing this in my friend Candace’s chic upper East Side apartment. The wind only comes in here if invited by an open window. The walls and floors are sealed up tight.  One could comfortably walk about the place in a skimpy nighty in this the dead of winter where flannel pajamas, lambs wool slippers and a thick robe are necessary at home this time of year even if the weather has been unseasonably warm.

Twenty stories above the earth there is a lack of life, no stink bugs buzzing about, or lady bugs crawling along the insides of lampshades, no braying burrows or sounds of galloping hooves or geese honking in the field, no skunk spray or barn smells wafting in the night air. Those signs of life that invade the senses at Black Cat Cabin are replaced with the sounds of cars whizzing along the highway along the East River, barge horns, sirens, a sort of amalgamated industrial smell.

This removal from nature has me a bit out of sorts even though I once lived in Manhattan.  I am more aware of the effect that the city and all its man made stimuli has on my body. It is confusing.

Apparently I am not alone in my befuddlement. Even the light little snowflakes dancing outside the large picture window are confused. Rather than obeying the laws of gravity, they are flitting about all over the place, some traveling sideways, others actually floating upward and some making lazy circles but very few headed directly down.

The irony of course that it is snowing at all here.  It rarely snows in “The City” as the city itself generates so much heat that though it may snow in the neighboring areas it usually just rains here. The snow is not sticking on the roads or sidewalks or buildings today, the street below appearing to be wet rather than snowy.

There has been no snow on the farm yet this winter.



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