Winter Finally Comes to Black Cat Cabin
February 21, 2012, 6:08 pm
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Day before yesterday it started to snow in these parts.  Not unusual for February but a bit unexpected this year due to the unseasonably warm winter we have had. Daffodils are blooming already for goodness sake!  Anyway, we got our first real snow of the winter and I was glad to see the farm in all it’s winter white finery.  It was truly stunning.

Here is a picture of the front of the cabin in the first couple of hours of snow:

I love to walk in the snow so I bundled up and wandered around a bit in the early hours of the snowstorm to take in the beauty of the woods and fields then hunkered down with my daughter to an enchilada dinner and the final episode of Season 2 of Downton Abbey before going to bed.  At some point in the night (P estimated around 11:00pm) the power went off- not surprising as it went off twice during Downton Abbey sending me into fits as the dish had to reboot for about 10 minutes each time).

The first indication that the power was out was how cold the air in my bedroom  was when I awoke around 6:00am.  I forgot that the pump for the water in the house is electric and that we would not have running water or septic until I had already used the toilet. Agh!  And wouldn’t you know I had planned to wash my hair that morning.

These are pictures of the farm in the early morning after the snowfall:

My daughter was home from school due to a fever the previous day which broke in the night leaving her energetic, cold and needing to work on a school project she neglected during her bed rest the previous day. The wood stove just wasn’t going to cut it for heat and we couldn’t stay in the house without working plumbing at any rate so we dressed in the semi-warm sun room and headed for Barnes and Noble where we spent most of the day in the cafe working on her project and meeting the other people who spend their workdays in coffee shops for whatever reasons.  By 5:00pm there was still no power so we went by the house, threw a few things in an overnight bag and drove 57 miles to my mother’s house to shower, eat a hot meal and sleep in warm comfort.

The electricity is back on now which is good because I am tired of so much driving.  I am thankful, though, that we had somewhere to go.  The entire event has made me appreciate the creature comforts of modern living as well as come to the realization that I have almost no survival skills – or at least I am too lazy to adapt to life without central heating and running water.


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