Silly Groundhog
February 24, 2012, 2:30 pm
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Despite the recent first snow of the season, Phil the Groundhog appears to have made a mistake this year.  According to the seeing of his shadow on February second, Phil predicted six more weeks of winter  (click here for the 2012 report in the Washington Post).  But I think humans misinterpreted Phil’s prediction because here at Black Cat Cabin daffodils are about to bloom and last night spring peepers, tiny frogs that are heralds of spring in these parts, performed their first concert of the season in the ponds here on the farm.  Spring Peepers in February!  Truly remarkable.

I personally fail to recall such signs of spring so early in my nearly half century of  a lifetime and I can’t say it is a problem for me.  In fact, it is rather nice to have spring when my body and brain want it, in late February, because every year around this time I sort of loose my steam and start to hate winter.  It is as if I am solar battery powered.  All Spring, Summer and Fall I store up energy from the sun that is used to stave off the cold and dark days of winter and by mid -February I run out of that power.  The cold seems colder.  I appreciate less the bare trees and minimalism of winter landscapes. The muscles in my neck knot up from bracing against chilly temperatures. The colors of winter  somehow fade as much as grays and browns can and I long for warmth and brighter colors. Waiting for spring begins to take up a lot of energy and patience.  This affliction is commonly known as spring fever and I get it in spades.

But this year, just when I need it most, the signs of spring are here.  The grass in the yard is already green, flowers are blooming all over town and the silence of winter has been broken by the happy song of the Peepers.

Today the temperature is predicted to get up to 75 degrees and you can bet I will be outside recharging my batteries as much as possible.


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