First Dinner Party
March 19, 2012, 2:23 am
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Now that the weather is warmer and the inside of the cabin is a pleasant temperature, I feel comfortable, really for the first time since living in the cabin to have dinner guests.  Yes, my daughter and I have entertained single guests previously, but tonight we had our first real dinner party with seven adult guests and five guest children between the ages of 8 and 13.

It was a huge success as the temperature was in the low ’70’s and so everyone ate on the slate veranda (slates supposedly from the former slave quarters from the farm) over looking the rolling hilled back horse pastures/ hay fields enjoying the late afternoon sunshine and later a pleasant sunset.  People on the guest list included folks that have done me great favors in terms of babysitting, inviting me/us into their homes and lives or both, making me feel welcome and at home in my new town.  There was a couple whose daughter is in the same class with my daughter, a woman I met while interviewing her for a news paper story, a Friend friend and a yoga friend who happens to date the man who owns the farm next door. The kids did what kids should do- ran around playing games like tag and hide and go seek type games.

I served some dishes I learned last weekend at my friend Daniele’s birthday cooking party and created a chicken dish of my own.

The menu:

green pea hummus

cucumbers in garlic yogurt sauce


winter squash and potato soup (brought by my neighbor – quite dilish)

salad caprese

quinua with dried cranberries, onion and pistachios

honey glazed chicken baked with potatoes, shallots and plums

gluten free oreos, an assortment of sorbets and a chocolate dessert made by Jen and also quite yummy

It felt so good to share the cabin which is quite charming when warm enough and just get people together for lively conversation, good food and relaxation.



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