The Committee has Spoken: It is fine for women to call men
April 5, 2012, 2:26 pm
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I was so intrigued by the whole “who should call whom” question that Suzy Weiss raises in her blog that I put the question out on Facebook to expand my committee of advice.  I was wondering what people thought about this because Weiss has some interesting theories about men needing to chase women in order to be interested so women can get them to a place of commitment in the relationship. This is far from a new theory but when I was a child this was the pervasive thought (I also grew up in the South and attended a very conservative school-  you can see my yearbook picture on the 60 MINUTES episode from Jan 2, 2012 when my classmate, Eric Cantor, the super conservative Congressman was featured on the show.  I am on the far left of him, where I should be).

Upon reflection, it occurred to me that I did indeed call my second husband for our first date and he was so eager to commit to me that he proposed (the first time) only six weeks after our that date.

Go to this link to see the first round of FB comments on the subject of “Who should call Whom?”:…
As soon as I find my other FB comments (now buried under hundreds of posts) I will link them as well.
With the exception of one person, everyone said it was fine for a woman to call a man and many of the people who responded were married to or were the woman who called the man first.
I think desperation is a big turn off for men rather than the calling factor.  What do you think?



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