A little bird
April 28, 2012, 12:30 am
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Some type of bird that I fail to identify has made a beautiful next on top of the lamp hanging from the front porch ceiling.  It is a grayish bird, though not a mocking bird who has crafted a natural work of art from moss and horse hair and God knows what else.  She has patiently sat on her nest for a few weeks disturbed only by our comings and goings through the front door. I think her efforts have been rewarded as it seems the baby/babies have hatched.  I am unsure how many little ones are up there because I wish to keep the nest as undisturbed as possible but the mama seems to be feeding them occasionally and she is up there a lot less- hunting for food I suppose.

We are in our last month at Black Cat Cabin.  We will be leaving at the end of May, two months and twelve days short of our year lease.  I admit the winter did me in.  I was so cold and miserable and it was a mild winter.  The cabin was at its finest a week ago in the mild weather with minimal bugs but it has already become uncomfortable again in the cooler weather.  To freeze while paying exorbitant electric bills (supposedly for heat) is far from an ideal lifestyle for me. I was eager to find a suitable place in town before air conditioning is needed and I did.

This evening we came home early and I sat out on the veranda gazing out at the emerald green fields.  Too few days have been spent this way, relaxing and enjoying the space for its finer qualities. I am sad that we have not used the farm to its best advantages but weather, distance from town and friends plus other obligations have had a great hand in that.

Our sublease renter “gets it” though.  She lit up when she came to see the cabin the first time and she is ready for the magic this place has to offer.  That pleases me greatly.


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