Leaving the Nest
May 10, 2012, 6:24 pm
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The baby birds that were living in a next on top of the front porch light have left the nest.  Monday morning as my daughter and I were leaving the house for the drive to school, I noticed that only two of the baby birds were in the nest. I had seen one stretching its wings the day before but I took a precautionary glance around on the porch floor just in case the third baby had fallen.  No splattered baby.  It must have flown.  The two remaining siblings were standing up as if to wait for just the right moment to take off for the first time.

I smiled and pointed them out to S.  She smiled in wonder, perhaps not fully grasping the significance of the moment. We headed down the porch steps up the hill to the car.

I had to return to the house, I forget exactly why but most likely because I forgot something and the birds were gone.  They had taken their first big leap into the world and successfully flown to the magnolia tree just on the other side of the yard’s fence.  I thought about my own babies, M grown up and going to college and S on the starting edge of puberty and how their needs of me are so different than when they were small- when I was in charge of feeding them and keeping them clean and warm like the mother bird to her babies.

I figured the mother bird had her mixed feelings about the day but was probably pretty happy to get a break from her 24/7 vigil.  Will she miss the days when her babies were so excited to see her, when they were snuggly, when being hungry or tired  was the biggest issue of their day?  Sometimes I miss my children as their little child selves but now that all seems so long ago.

S and I are preparing to leave the nest of Black Cat Cabin.  Today I am sentimental about the departure because the sun is shining but the temperature is a bit cool so there are few bugs in the house.  The tall grass in the fields is elegantly swishing in the wind and white fluffy clouds dot the sky. I am reminded of how special this place is, how enjoyable it can be in the right circumstances.

It has served us well to reconnect with nature and the elements but we are ready to move on to a new adventure in a few short weeks.



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