Moving on Up
June 2, 2012, 1:16 pm
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The bird has returned to the elegant moss and horse hair nest above the porch light at Black Cat Cabin. She appeared about ten days ago.  I noticed her on the first day of my daughter’s last week of school that familiar flutter of her wings as she was startled out of the nest and swooped out over the front porch steps. I was simultaneously delighted and worried upon the revelation that she was sitting again.  Delighted that she was back and a new flock of babies would hatch soon.  Delighted that the six year old boy who will inhabit the cabin for two months over the summer would witness her sitting, hear the babies and perhaps even be present for the last moments of this brood’s last moments as dependents and first moments as adults.  Worried that the unavoidable traffic through the front door caused by our exodus and the settling of the new tenants of Black Cat Cabin might wrack her nerves to the point of abandonment.


Happily, she remains stalwart.  As of yesterday, as I placed the final remnants of my material possessions into the back of my hybrid SUV, Ms. Bird was still there.


I am grateful for my time in the cabin.  Grateful for the experience of being so close to nature.  Really feeling the weather 24/7, remembering about bugs and how really close to animals we are.  Like the mice just looking for shelter and some good food, we were only guests.  Like the snake that slithered around the walls of my bedroom, we were just passing through.  A pit stop in our lives.  A time of great growth and recovery.  I needed that time in the cabin to rediscover myself as a single person.  To enjoy the quiet, the views and the smells of country air and horse poop.  To really see the stars on nights with good weather.  To watch the movement of the tall grass in the wind. To learn things about myself.


Living in the cabin also has helped me to appreciate that home is where we make it, not necessarily a building.  I now have a better appreciation for things that I certainly took for granted before like central heat, air-conditioning, a garbage disposal, a shower I can  turn around in and the separation of nature from my immediate living space.


We have moved to a bright, sunny apartment close to my daughter’s school, a complex that I had snubbed before as being too generic for my taste.  The apartment has two clean bedrooms, bathrooms with bathtubs, a microwave in the kitchen above the spotless stove and clean fridge.  It is on the third and top floor boasting a gorgeous view of the mountains. The complex is physically attractive with stone wall accents and lush landscaping.  There is a turquoise infinity pool, fitness center, summer and winter hot tubs, sauna, putting greens, picnic/grilling area and basketball courts.  We are spitting distance to hiking and a mile from town. I feel like I live at a resort.


Sam can walk to school which will allow her to better nurture her sense of community there.


The move itself took place is stages starting the day after my daughter’s last day of school.  My grown son came for a day and a half to help. I had already sold another half of my stuff on craigslist enjoying the weight loss effect that shedding material goods has on the body and spirit. The first day we moved the kitchen things and set that up.  The second day was bathrooms, then closets and some storage items.  It was important to have all the functions of living organized before the furniture came on the fifth day. We moved it all out of the cabin, through the gate, into the car then up three flights of stairs to our new place. My calves, arms and butt all more toned than they have been in a while – a bonus from all the hard work.


In the light of the new place I see a layer of grunge from the cabin on everything, dirt that remained unseen in the dim dirty cabin making scrubbing and polishing part of the set up process.


I feel scrubbed too.


Ready for this new beginning.  Ready to settle for a while.  Ready to be comfortable in my abode. Ready to simplify my life.


The stage is set for me to truly come into my own as a single person, as a parent, as a writer, as a person, as a member of my new community but mostly as an adult. LIke the bird in the nest over the porch light at the cabin, I am settling in my nest, redefining my family and ready to hatch something really good.



Blessings to you all, gentle readers.  May you truly appreciate all that you have every moment.









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