August 13, 2012, 2:12 pm
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Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of leaving my cute little Cape Cod house in Richmond’s near West End and hauling all my material things to a log cabin on a 100 acre horse farm in Keswick. A comparison of the two days could hardly represent a larger difference.

The day I moved into Black Cat Cabin, the weather was steamy humid and about 95 degrees.  It poured rain on the 67 mile  trip between Richmond and Keswick, soaking my rugs and their pads which were being transported in the back of my brother-in-law’s pick up truck.

My friends, who were helping me move, were tired, hungry, hot and cranky when we arrived and the house was musty and muggy inside. I was shaken and nervous and almost cried when one of them pointed out gaps between the logs and plaster and announced in a mocking tone, “You are going to freeze your ass off this winter!”

My first night there was horrible as I sweated in the non-airconditioned bedroom, lying on a mattress set atop a set of box springs on the floor listening to a chorus in insects and cars driving along the not so distant highway.

My daughter arrived to a strange home which she had yet to see, the next day from a month away at camp.  She had a major meltdown amongst the boxes and mayhem.  It was horrible.

The weather yesterday was gorgeous!  Relatively dry for a mid-August day, sunny and reaching a high short of 90 degrees.  I awoke in my charming little bug free apartment to a gorgeous view of Carter Mountain and a cool breeze from the open windows. I went hiking at Sugar Hollow with a handsome, interesting man, had a lovely lunch at La Taza, entertained friends at the pool and then joined them for a dinner party at their home.  A  hot-tub venture later in the night and home to my comfy bed.  I slept with the windows open by choice rather than necessity, grateful for the option to turn on the AC if it seemed like it would be more comfortable. I felt at home in Charlottesville yesterday.  Appreciated, loved, connected – happy.

Though most of my time in the cabin was tainted by the sadness of separation, insecurity and being damn cold, I can still appreciate how it was an appropriate transition into my new life on my own.  Like Dorothy in Oz, I had to make the entire journey in order to learn the required lessons.


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