Thinking ahead.
March 13, 2017, 2:38 am
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Daffodils are blooming and the undergrowth of the Albemarle county’s woods is fuzzy with pale green as tiny leaves appear but my mind was on autumn this morning as I strolled along the grounds of a Keswick horse farm. Yep, I am already planning for deer hunting season which will start  in November.

It may seem a bit fanatical to be thinking about an event so far in advance but there is method to this madness. I have learned that a good hunter looks for hunting spots long before actually hunting. Of course that makes perfect sense- so you will have a plan and can be prepared on the actual day of the hunt. But if you are not a hunter you may not have thought of that. I used to think that hunters simply went out into the woods at random and shot at stuff. I assume most non-hunters think same thing, if they ever thought about it at all.

It is smart to scout for hunting spots in the spring because generally the weather is warmer than winter and one can see the landscape clearly as weeds and leaves are not obstructing views. This makes hiking off-trail in search of good hunting spots feasible since it is much less difficult to get lost. The absence of bugs, poison ivy and snakes adds to the wisdom of scouting in spring.

The farm we visited is over 500 acres with terrain consisting of open field of gently rolling hills and lots of wooded area along the east side of a mountain. The place is overrun with deer and the owner is thrilled to have some extra hunters come help thin out the population.

However, there is one hurdle to jump. In order to hunt on this land we will have to be approved by the guy designated to monitor deer hunting and he sounds a little intense. He has placed several fancy steel tree-stands around the perimeters of the fields and installed cameras throughout the property to monitor deer movement.

As a novice deer hunter and generally curious person, I can’t wait to meet him.

Even if for some reason, Larry (my hunting mentor), and I don’t pass muster with this guy, I enjoyed a tour of this gorgeous farm and got in a little hiking. We also saw an elegant red fox glide across a field and found some bear scat on the trail going up the mountain.

Thanks to my friend, “Frank”, for connecting us to and giving us the tour of this exceptional place.

In the next post, I will begin to explain some of my reasons for wanting to take up deer hunting.


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